Accounting Software for Working From Home During Covid-19 Pandemic


With the ubiquity of mobile devices and high-speed internet access available in most locations,


Transitioning the bulk of work from the office to home is a relatively easy process if you are currently using AutoCount Accounting.


AutoCount Accounting internet user access option can help make remote work set up a lot easier as it is directly connecting to the company server database via internet connection.


By contrast, many accounting software providers in the market are still relying on 3rd party remote PC access software for connectivity.

So what’s the Problem with 3rd Party Remote PC Access?

- Higher risk in terms of security such as ransomware threats
- Incur extra costs for additional remote access PC software
- Remote printing is a regular problem

All AutoCount Accounting users can now get connected and work from home via Internet User login from different locations, to access to their company database to enable work anywhere at any time.


* Notes: The data transfer speed is dependent on the internet bandwidth in your location.


Equip your employees with an internet user login to stay productive &
Work From Home

Contact us now at 03-3000 3000 or email for:

✓ Software Upgrade from V1.9 to V2.0
✓ Internet User License Purchase & Setup
✓ Install & setup your V2.0 free internet User

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I need to purchase additional AutoCount network user to connect from outside remotely?

Answer: No need. You just need to upgrade from your existing network user to internet user. For example, I have 6 network users in total. Currently, 2 staff are required to work at home, so I only need to upgrade 2 network users to 2 internet users. 

2. Do my server need to switch on when connecting from outside?

Answer: Yes, your server needs to switch on to enable the user to connect from outside. 

3. Do I need to purchase third party software to connect to the office?

Answer: You don’t need to purchase third-party software. You only need to upgrade your existing AutoCount network user to AutoCount Internet user.
• License upgrade fee from Local User to Internet User is RM200-RM600 (Depending on AutoCount Edition & User Type) and Setup Fee incurred separately.
• The internet user for v2 is Free of Charge.
• 3rd party software incurs high investment cost and yearly maintenance.
• 3rd party software possesses a higher risk because it can easily attack by ransomware.
• 3rd party have a printing issue. 

4. What is the extra cost to me if I decided to add the internet user?

Answer: License upgrade fee from Local User to Internet User is RM200-RM600 (Depending on AutoCount Edition & User Type) and Setup Fee incurred separately.

5. How long it takes to set up the internet network user?

Answer: Setup can be complete in 20 minutes for a single PC; however, setup time will depend on how many pc you have.

6. Is it secure to allow someone to connect from outside, will virus affect my server?

Answer: We strongly recommend you to set up a VPN to connect as it is more secured. 

7. Can I set up in the cloud?

Answer: Yes, you may migrate your server to cloud hosting and connect through an internet user. 

8. If I am using Stremyx, can I use an internet user login?

Answer: We recommend internet speed to be minimum 30mbs download and 30mbs upload speed. More internet user can connect if you have higher internet speed.



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